Psychological Adoption Evaluations

International adoption can be a long, daunting, emotional and expensive journey. And just when you thought you were making progress, now you have to complete a psychological evaluation on top of everything else! At its best, a request for an evaluation can be nerve-racking and intimidating. At its worst, the evaluation poses yet another roadblock between you and your child. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Dr. Reutter specializes in providing thorough, prompt psychological evaluations for international adoptions. My goal is to make this process as efficient and painless for you as possible.


To get started, please look at the informational E-Book below or click the "Contact" button to reach me with any additional questions regarding this process.

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Kyle and Allison B.

Dr. Reutter treated us like a top priority. He had our interviews done, reports written and reviewed by our agency, and finalized paperwork notarized and sent to us in record time. He was amazing to work with, videoconferencing app was simple to utilize and obtain and he was worth every penny. We were at a standstill in our adoption process and now we are able to move forward in bringing our kiddos home.

Kelsey M.

Dr. Kirby Reutter helped with psychological evaluations for our international adoption and he was AWESOME! He was the first person to give us clear guidance in what has otherwise been a very vague process. We tremendously enjoyed his humor and sense of urgency. Highly recommend his services if you are in the home study/dossier process!!

Lorne and Sharon H.

We were in the process of adopting from Mexico and Dr. Reutter did our psychological evaluation. He communicated well and worked quickly in getting our pretests to us and scheduling our session. We had a very relaxed session with him and he was very friendly and efficient. He got our reports back even quicker than expected which was very helpful! We would highly recommend Dr. Reutter for anyone!

Dr. Kirby Reutter

Phone: +1 (512) 788-5611

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