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DBT Trainings

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan to treat symptoms of Borderline
Personality Disorder. DBT can be utilized in conjunction with other models to provide effective trauma treatment. DBT works by teaching the following skill sets:

Distress Tolerance
Emotional Regulation
Dialectical Thinking
Interpersonal Effectiveness


Dr. Reutter contracts with PESI to provide expert DBT trainings throughout the continent. If you are
interested in becoming DBT certified, please refer to the following sources:


Survival Packet

Evergreen Certification Institute

DBT Skills Workbook for PTSD


Angie Kemp, M.S., LMFT, CFLE

The training I received and Dr. Kirby's 2-day training helped to strengthen my understanding of DBT and I have used these skills to assist my adolescent clients with being able to be more in control of their thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Thank you Dr. Kirby for taking the time to pass along your skills and knowledge.

Tim Hesgard, MFT

I attended Kirby's training on 5 Crucial Skills for DBT: A Trauma-Informed Approach.  I have attended several DBT trainings, including Marsha Linehan's own training, but there's hardly anything specific to teens or young adults.  After attending Kirby's training, I was excited.  I felt I had immediately added to my tool bag of skills and walked out with a wide array of knowledge that I hadn't gained anywhere else.  Kirby effectively taught DBT skills so that they could be passed along to teens in a way in which they could understand and use.  I'd highly recommend this training and would even attend again if I had the chance.

Fang-Mei Law, Ph.D., NCC, LPCC

I think the best trainers are the ones who can convey that message and help the audience make a connection with these theorists, and are able to share their personal experiences and insights with the theories and counseling techniques they are teaching. All of my expectations were fulfilled when I attended the (two-day) DBT training led by Dr. Kirby Reutter. I was not only impressed with his knowledge of DBT, but also with the way he conducted the training. In addition to the lecture, we watched video clips, practiced skills, took several online quizzes, and more to help us gain a deeper understanding of DBT and learned how to apply DBT principles to our own counseling teachings and practices. Overall, I was so fulfilled by the workshop that I cannot wait to receive another training from him in the future.