"Trauma affects different people in different ways. But there's one thing trauma always does: It throws you off balance. In fact, the effects of trauma can leave you feeling so out of sync that you may wonder if anyone  understands you ... including yourself. But you are not alone!"

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for PTSD is full of practical exercises to help overcome trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Survival Packet: 2nd Edition

The Survival Packet was developed from multiple models of psychotherapy to provide a concise yet coherent treatment guide for individual, group, and family counseling. While the Survival Packet was specifically designed with residential populations in mind, this “counseling curriculum” can be implemented in a variety of clinical settings, both in-patient and out-patient. It is the personal hope of the author that this resource will prove invaluable in working with both families and youth struggling on the journey of life.


Religious & Spiritual Coping

Whether you are a psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, nurse, counselor, therapist, pastor, chaplain, or social worker – or anyone else that aspires to work with the human condition – then you need to know the neglected connection between religion, spirituality, and coping. Current professional standards require “best practice” and “evidence-based” interventions while ethical codes mandate “cultural competence” and attention to “diversity.” None of these demands for professionalism is met when we ignore – whether willingly or otherwise – the coping strategies of our religious and spiritual clients. This scholarly work addresses these needs with three impressive feats: First, this book reviews decades of research on religious and spiritual coping. Second, this book re-examines religious / spiritual interventions with scientific rigor. And third, this book draws conclusions and makes concrete recommendations based on these findings. In short, this work is a “must have” for your professional library!


Psychotherapy Networker - "Practice Tools"​

Dr. Reutter's new workbook was featured by the Psychotherapy Networker! Please click here for a free sample of the book, as well as a brief 2-minute video introducing one of dozens of skills you will find in this resource.



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