Helps Trauma Victims Rebuild Lives

WRITTEN BY: Judy Tierney

"When someone has been traumatized, their lives have been completely shattered, and my job is to help them pick up the pieces and put them back together. The most rewarding part is when we are able to reassemble the pieces into an absolutely beautiful mosaic, something that is even more beautiful than what was there before."

Austin Health and Image

"Dr. Reutter On PTSD"

Dr. Reutter was hosted on the Austin Health and Image podcast to discuss PTSD. Click the button above to be linked to this interview.

Psychotherapy Networker

"Practice Tools"

Dr. Reutter's new workbook was featured by the Psychotherapy Networker!  Please click here for a free sample of the book, as well as a brief 2-minute video introducing one of dozens of skills you will find in this resource.

Dr. Reutter is the guest on the radio show Moments of Clarity with Tiffany Werhner. Dr. Reutter talks about what led him to his profession, about the topic of PTSD, and answers questions from callers. Click the 'play' button to listen in.

Moments of Clarity - Guest Dr Kirby ReutterTiffany Werhner
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Dr. Kirby Reutter

Phone: +1 (512) 788-5611

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