The Middle Path for Trauma Work: A DBT Training

Take your trauma therapy skills to a new level with our groundbreaking course, “The Middle Path for Trauma Work: A Dialectical Behavioral Training.” Upon completion, you will be able to support clients struggling with trauma, without reliance on traditional exposure methods.


Earn more than 9 hours of CEU's!

Intro to Course• Sample Segment

Fertilizing with ABCD • Sample Segment

Coping with the Body • Sample Segment

Dialectical Dilemmas • Sample Segment

Validation • Sample Segment

Acceptance vs. Change • Sample Segment

Intro to Polyvagal Theory • Sample Segment

Brain Development • Sample Segment

IMPROVE • Sample Segment

Acting Opposite • Sample Segment

Stomping the ANT’s • Sample Segment

Working the TOM • Sample Segment

Interpersonal Effectiveness   • Sample Segment

What are Dialectics? • Sample Segment



DBT Expert Interview Series

Join Dr. Reutter as he facilitates interviews with leading DBT specialists regarding research-based, best practice strategies for treating conditions as diverse as trauma, bipolar, eating disorders, psychosis, substance abuse, and chronic pain. Check out the sample segment for each interview!

Earn 8 hours of CEU's!


1) DBT for Bipolar Sheri van Dijk, RSW • Sample Segment

2) DBT for Eating Disorders  Dr. Michael Maslar • Sample Segment

3) DBT for Psychosis  Maggie Mullen, LCSW • Sample Segment

4) DBT for Trauma  Dr. Kirby Reutter • Sample Segment

5) DBT for Substance Use Amy Dols, LPCC, LADC • Sample Segment

6) DBT for Chronic Pain  Dr. Mark Carlson & Dr. Dennis Hannon • Sample Segment

7) DBT for Adolescents Dr. Jean Eich • Sample Segment


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Looking for a case study in Trauma-Focused DBT?

Now let's apply everything you have learned! Meet María, a 19-year-old woman from Nicaragua with a chronic history of trauma. In this case study, you will see an example of how to apply TF-CBT interventions for trauma stabilization.


Earn 1.25 hours of CEU's!

1) Mindfulness   • Sample Segment

2) Podcast – Mindfulness  • Sample Segment

3) Distress Tolerance  • Sample Segment

4) Dialectical Thinking  • Sample Segment


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